What if the subject is uncomfortable with having their photo taken?

In order to capture the little idiosyncrasies of a person, my approach is to encourage natural interaction. This could be through others with whom you are familiar, or with a hobby, a passion, a value, a job, or a belief that is connected to that person. This method helps to create sufficient distraction from the camera; where more natural expressions can occur and where your unique character will shine through. It is then my job to capture these decisive moments in the most effective and creative way.

Everyone is different, so we will work together to produce the best possible outcome; a consideration based upon who you are and what you want, as well as working within the given environment or situation.

What is the quality of the final product like?

You won't be disappointed. I insist on the highest standards and am very hard to satisfy when it comes to print quality. I have researched the field in depth and use a professional printing service in London. My images are colour profiled to their high-quality printing process, producing stunning results. Black and white images are printed on actual silver gelatin black and white photographic paper so there are no colour casts and the tonal range is second to none.

I believe artwork should be framed in simple plain frames of good quality. This will help to avoid any distraction from the image. Images should also have space to 'breathe' via a mount with a border of white. This separates the image from it's surroundings (the wall) and gives your portrait impact and the sense of value it deserves.

All the materials I use to construct your portrait are pH neutral (free from acid) and are therefore of archive quality. This means that your print (also printed on acid-free archive paper) will last for a very long time indeed; and if you choose to have the fibre-based print, it will certainly outlast you (I'm sorry to say!) as these types of prints are proven to last over 100 years.

What is the process from start to finish?

We will arrange a convenient time and place for the session. In the meantime, I will ask a small 'thinking task' from you, but don't worry, I will explain all and help you with this process. After the portrait session, I will prepare your photographs and arrange to visit you for a viewing so that you can choose which photograph you would like printed and at what size by completing the order form and making payment. We will then arrange a convenient time for me to personally deliver your framed print; a beautiful object to treasure.

How long will the photo session take?

There is no set time limit and you won't be charged extra by the hour. It may only take 20 minutes, or it may take 2 hours. For example, if the kids aren't in the right mood and it's not happening that day, I'll come back another day at no extra cost. Or, if we don't have the weather on our side, we'll re-schedule. The key point here, is that we are only successful when we are both happy with the end result.

What should I wear?

Let us remember that this is for you, so you must wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, and whatever you would like to be represented in. If, for example, you are in the armed services and have a strong sense of connection with your job and feel defined by it, you may wish to be represented in your uniform. Equally, if you are a keen sports-person, you may want to be photographed taking part in your sport and therefore you would be wearing your appropriate attire for your particular sport. These are just two examples of endless options to consider.

Why are you so reasonable then?

A good question. The short answer is, I won't be this reasonable for long! So, get your order in quickly! I am building up a catalogue of portraits and expanding my portfolio in this field. In 2014, I will be introducing the 'portrait session fee' which is currently discounted.

What are your qualifications?

I have a Masters in photography, having studied under Professor Paul Hill. Prior to this I studied at Degree level, achieving a 1st class in Multimedia Design where I specialised in photography and video. I hold a distinction with the Royal Photographic Society at Associateship level (ARPS).

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